Player Focus Breakdowns

CFI goes INSIDE the game and into the film room to break down some of the best players in the Charlotte Metro!

Player Focus: ATH Tazhaun Davis - Ben L Smith Golden Eagles


Tazhaun Davis is a 6’4 207 pound athlete that plays both Defensive End and Wide Receiver for Ben L. Smith High School out of Greensboro, NC. Davis has strengths on both sides of the ball, and with his size and frame, he projects to grow very well on the next level!

At Defensive End, Tazhaun is a very talented edge rusher, displaying a very good rip move coming off the ball and excels at only giving an OT half the body to try and block, which is a very good trait for an edge rusher to possess. He also has a very quick spin move he uses when a tackle tries to overset to the outside to compensate for his speed rush around the edge.

At the Wide Receiver position, Davis usually lines up on the outside and can run a variety of routes from that position. The first WR highlight in his film, he takes a simple quick screen, makes the corner miss that was unblocked, and sprints 50 yards for a TD, outrunning the rest of the defense. He also runs a variety of in-breaking and out-breaking routes, catching the ball well and always gaining yardage after contact.

Tazhaun is a 2020 recruit, so I think he will improve on this film even more with an expanded role this season and is definitely an under the radar player at this time given the potential displayed on his highlights. Coaches should jump on this young man while the word is not completely out just yet!

Link to Highlight Film: