Player Focus Breakdowns

CFI goes INSIDE the game and into the film room to break down some of the best players in the Charlotte Metro!

Player Focus: MLB Wesley Blount - Mallard Creek


Mallard Creek is not only a state power, but a Southeastern Regional Power in the United States. So you may be surprised that they have players that are a bit of an unknown, but middle linebacker Wesley Blount is a name that I’m sure you will get used to hearing a lot this upcoming season!

Blount has a good stocky size/frame for the MLB position, and the first thing that stands out to me on his film is the way he reads and diagnoses plays - one of the things that’s hard to teach at the LB position is to trust your eyes, and to close any open windows immediately. This is something Wesley does very well - many run plays are shut down by his football IQ, which matches his 3.5 GPA in the classroom!

There are times where the Mavericks asked Wesley to blitz from depth, and this is something he did well also, bringing down the QB a few times when this occurred. Blount also stood out on special teams, which is a huge deal in the eyes of coaches - he made at least 4 seperate solo tackles on special teams in his highlight film, which is a great way to get on the field early at the next level.

Briefly speaking with Wesley, I am impressed by the way he carries himself and can see why he is a middle linebacker on a talented team like the Mavericks possess. I’m confident he will be a big key into another successful season for Mallard Creek.

Highlight Film: