Player Focus Breakdowns

CFI goes INSIDE the game and into the film room to break down some of the best players in the Charlotte Metro!

Player Focus: QB Darius Ocean - Hough Huskies


When I went to the Carolina Xposure Camp earlier this year, I knew a little about Darius Ocean - played very well for Cleveland HS in Clayton NC, but Hough Head Coach Matt Jenkins told me he was definitely the real deal. Based on what I saw that day, and watching his highlight film, I’m surprised more people are not all over this young man in recruiting!

Ocean is a left-handed 6’1 195 Class of 2020 prospect that shows versatility in his game. The biggest thing I love about watching his film is pocket presence - he senses pressure at an elite level and gets out, but always looks to make throws down the field first before escaping the pocket to run for yardage.

His ability to throw on the run is very impressive, Ocean shows pinpoint accuracy on his throws on the run and has a very smooth over the top delivery that gets the ball to his receivers almost effortlessly. Darius also runs very well in the scramble game, his film shows several big runs from scrambles and he has good presence on when to slide or when to take on a defender - he has one play where he simply runs over a defensive back for a touchdown - great stuff.

Ocean also is very good in the zone read game, he shows an elite ability of reading the defensive end and makes it happen when keeping the ball, going straight north/south to get yardage and protects the ball well as a ball carrier. He also does a good job on called QB runs, following his blocks well and being a true dual threat QB.

The last thing I’ll say is that both at Carolina Xposure and on film, Ocean makes every throw consistently. He has a beautiful deep ball that drops in over the top and his other throws are made on time and pinpoint accurate with consistency, which is especially difficult to do in a camp setting working with receivers who you don’t have much a rapport with.

HS football fans in the Charlotte Metro Area may not know the name Darius Ocean just yet, but as the season starts in the fall, we will realize how good of a player this young man is.

Highlight Film: