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Player Focus: QB Silas Cruse - West Charlotte Lions

West Charlotte Lions QB Silas Cruse

West Charlotte Lions QB Silas Cruse

QB Silas Cruse has all the size and arm talent you want in a big time QB - he’s 6’6 230 pounds, and in observing him at the Washington Elite Athletics camp, you can’t but help get excited at the potential of this young man at the next level. Cruse throws a beautiful deep ball with touch on a consistent basis, and that was impressive in this camp setting with a lot of receivers he has not ever worked with.

I also observed Silas at a recent 7 on 7 tournament, and despite his size, he can maneuver pretty well within the pocket as a pro-style QB. West Charlotte is changing their offense a bit this year, and in this setting they had Cruse executing some play fakes and rollouts pretty well in that setting. He also displayed good timing and accuracy on his throws with his receiving core as well.

Looking at his film, Silas made a good number of accurate throws on the move last season, and a number of those came off of playaction, with pressure coming down on him. He has an ability to make good moves in the pocket and keep his eyes downfield and deliver a catch-able ball to keep the chains moving. He is very accurate on in breaking routes like the slant and post, and also looks very good on reading flood concepts and taking what the defense gives him.

West Charlotte has some athletic talent at the skill positions, and I am excited to see Silas in the offense they have displayed so far in the preseason. Just on size and his film alone, I would expect Cruse to be on a college roster after his high school career is over. Good, strong QB who should have a good season.

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