Player Focus Breakdowns

CFI goes INSIDE the game and into the film room to break down some of the best players in the Charlotte Metro!

Player Focus: RB Donye Fuller - Shelby Golden Lions


When you think of the Shelby Golden Lions, you think about dominance and state championships, year in and year out. A big part of their latest championship team was their running back, Class of 2020 running back Donye Fuller. Last season, he rushed for over 1000 yards and 15 touchdowns in a pass-first offense, so that makes those numbers even the more impressive!

When you look at Fuller’s highlight film, there is a lot to like immediately. With a 5’10 185 foot frame already, he has room to grow and a good size as a base. On his first run on the highlight, he takes an inside zone untouched for a touchdown - great vision and decisiveness when hitting the hole are two of his big strengths for sure. On the next highlight, he shows he can catch out of the backfield, taking a simple angle route from the backfield and catching an easy TD when they caught the defense in a Cover 2 look.

In the next highlight, he splits out wide and runs a drag route vs. man coverage and catches it for a touchdown, as he runs away from his defender. Someone that has that ability as a runner and a catcher is a rare breed in high school. The other ability I like a lot is that you don’t see him go down on first contact ever. He will run through arm tackles and shrug off a solo tackle with regularity.

However, don’t let that fool you because he also does show some ability to make people miss, especially in the open field with a little jabstep juke move that keeps him moving forward without losing much speed at all. Overall, this is a player that can be very good in whatever kind of offense you would want him to play in. Very good film, was a pleasure to watch!

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