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CFI goes INSIDE the game and into the film room to break down some of the best players in the Charlotte Metro!

Player Focus: WR Julian Gray - Hopewell Titans


Julian Gray is a Class of 2021 WR who flashes some very good playmaking ability from his WR position early in his career. He’s 5’11 175 pounds, and the Titans used him in the slot last season with two other very good WRs on the outside primarily.

The biggest thing that love is his speed - his position coach advised me he runs a blazing 10.5 seconds in the 100 m dash, and that is reflected several times on his film. There were several occasions where Gray took a simple bubble/quick screen from the slot with minimal blocking and made a 20+ yard gain out of it just by making a couple of quick moves and then exploding into space with that blazing speed.

From the slot, he ran some deeper downfield routes like the corner and wheel routes and made some plays with a good release off the line, and then just simply beating his man as he usually faced man coverage in those situations. There were a couple of times he made plays on the outside, out jumping a DB in single coverage in the end zone for a TD, and also displays good blocking technique on running plays.

Any player with the speed Julian has is a natural threat on special teams, and Gray has a couple of nice kick return highlights in his package as well. I believe as Julian grows more into his junior season, he will create even more big plays in the Titans offense as opportunities grow. For schools, this is a great time to get in and show some loyalty before everyone comes knocking on this young man’s door. A playmaker that is ready to bust on the scene for sure.

Highlight Film: