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Ardrey Kell 14 - Weddington 28

Ardrey Kell traveled to nearby rival Weddington HIgh School on Saturday for each team’s season opener. The game was pushed to Saturday due to inclement weather on Friday night. The first half was primarily all defense from both sides with the exception of one big run from Weddington’s Will Shipley. Halftime score was tight at Weddington 7 - Ardrey Kell 0. As the second half began to unfold, Weddington took control and pushed the score to 28-0 at one point early in the 4th quarter. Ardrey Kell, led by new, first year head coach, (and Weddington HS Alum) Greg Jachym, fought back scoring 2 touchdowns in the forth quarter to close the gap, but it was not enough. Weddington picked up the win, 28-14. CFI Photo-journalist Michael McArver covered the game between these two rivals in their annual battle! A link to the full gallery is below.