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Ardrey Kell survives Back and Forth Battle with Indy

AK’s Kaci Seegars runs thru a Patriot defender for the TD. (Brandon Black)

AK’s Kaci Seegars runs thru a Patriot defender for the TD. (Brandon Black)

CHARLOTTE, NC, Ardrey Kell survived at home winning 43-30 over the Independence Patriots. The Knights and Patriots both came into their Week 4 game with matching 2-1 records. 2-1 represents a much improved start for both programs. Although Ardrey Kell went into the half with a 26-9 lead, early the 2nd half the AK Knights found themselves down 30-26 to a surging and confident Independence team. Patriots RB #7 Davion Nelson had a big night with several long runs and 2 TD’s. (In addition Davion had several hard hitting bruising runs.)

2019 Indy at AK-08606.jpg

Independence Jr QB #4 Arnold Taylor found his rhythm and connected two TD passes with senior WR #2 Trevor Bryan.

2019 Indy at AK-08609.jpg

Those TD’s combined with a 2-Pt conversion and PAT put the Patriots up 4, and they had seized control of the game.

Patriots WR #10 Brevin Caldwell with the stiff arm.

Patriots WR #10 Brevin Caldwell with the stiff arm.

But the Knights responded. Knights QB # 5 Jared Joseph connected with WR #11 Cedric Gray for a nice 25 yard touchdown pass to regain the lead. The AK defense played tough the next series and got the ball right back to the offense. The offense wasted no time. Again, AK QB Jared Joseph took the air. #5 Joseph connected with a wide open receiver #3 Michael Hetzel.

2019 Indy at AK-08553.jpg
2019 Indy at AK-08575.jpg

AK’s #3 Hetzel would take it 50+ yards to the house. The PAT from Jackson Price(#19) would put the Knights up 40-30. AK’s kicker Jackson Price would add another FG (29 yds) later to put the Knights up 43-30.

Congrats to the AK Knights for the win. Also thanks to Ardrey Kell for hosting CFI. AK moves to 3-1 on the season. The Patriots fall to 2-2, however I believe these teams will both make some noise in their respective conferences once those games start after next week’s action.

After the game, CFI’s Matt Morrow talked with first year AK Head Coach Greg Jachym. Coach Jachym was very proud of his team for staying focused and responding to adversity in the 3rd and 4th quarter. He was also very pleased with his teams last drive of the game that melted the clock and kept the ball out of the hands of the Independence offense. Video with Coach Jachym is included in the Video Highlights.

Video Highlights!

Please enjoy our highlights from this week's Game Of The Week where the Purple Knights defeated the Patriots 43-30 in a game full of explosive plays and great talented on both sides of the ball!
Go Inside The Huddle with the Ardrey Kell Purple Knights after they defeated the Independence Patriots 43-30 in our Week 4 CFI Game Of The Week!
First Quarter Action (Brandon Black)

First Quarter Action (Brandon Black)

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Click HERE to view a few 2nd half images from CFI partner, Photographer Michael McArver of

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2019 Indy at AK-08538.jpg
2019 Indy at AK-08563.jpg
2019 Indy at AK-08585.jpg