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Ardrey Kell wins a 4 quarter battle with Marvin Ridge - AK 36 - MR 33

0082-Varsity at AK-09-06-19-garthur.jpg

Ardrey Kell hosted neighborhood rival Marvin Ridge on Friday night. The rivalry and warm weather brought out a great crowd. Marvin Ridge struck first and at one point held a 20-7 lead in the first half. A late 2nd quarter score by Ardrey Kell kept the Knights close. Marvin Ridge Junior QB Sully McDermott threw for 423 yards and 3 touchdowns, but AK scored 2 touchdowns in the 4th quarter, including the game winning TD with 10 seconds remaining. Two forth quarter lead changes made for a darn great football game. Exciting to see both of these south Charlotte teams playing well. All photos in this post are from professional photographer Greg Arthur, Marvin Ridge Team Photographer. Thanks for the photos Greg, always on point.

0138-Varsity at AK-09-06-19-garthur.jpg

Ardrey Kell Team Photos should be posted soon here:

0183-Varsity at AK-09-06-19-garthur.jpg
0100-Varsity at AK-09-06-19-garthur.jpg
0299-Varsity at AK-09-06-19-garthur.jpg
0234-Varsity at AK-09-06-19-garthur.jpg
0401-Varsity at AK-09-06-19-garthur.jpg