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Charlotte Metro Area High School Football is underrated in the eyes of most outside observers to the Carolinas. However. with several players in the NFL, many signing with Division I colleges, and several top recruits in the latest Class of 2019, the Carolinas are on the come up!

Deserving athletes such as these work hard for their accolades, their scholarships, and their recognition. For a long time, there were a few media outlets for all of these athletes. They took a picture, put a few words in the local paper, and maybe shot 30 seconds of highlights for a Friday Night Football show. And that was it.

Charlotte Football Insiders was born because we want to WORK just as hard as the athletes that EARN those accolades, those scholarships, and that recognition they deserve. Having covered the Charlotte Metro Area for several years with the boots on the ground, visiting the schools, talking to the coaches, being on the sideline for games every Friday Night, I can promise you that CFI will WORK HARDER to provide the coverage athletes, coaches, programs, administrators, and fans DESERVE than anyone else in the game.

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We aspire to promote as many kids, coaches, teams, schools, and sports as possible through multiple forms of media and different avenues of expression. From combines to 7 on 7’s to practice visits, preseason scrimmages, regular season games, and the playoffs - make CFI your one stop shop for all of the photos, videos, interviews, analysis, and so much more across the Charlotte Metro Area! CFI has established relationships in the coaching fraternity and the community with the same vision - putting kids first. CFI strives to always provide fair and balanced coverage to ALL schools in the Charlotte Metro Area. Charlotte Football Insiders is sports media for the new millennium - come GET INSIDE with us!