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Mallard Creek finds just enough offense to take down Vance. MC 17 - Vance 7

VANCE HIGH SCHOOL, Charlotte, NC 9/27/19, Michael McArver - With all the hype surrounding this game, I wondered if it could, or would live up to expectations. From my perspective, the game managed to deliver about half of the hype. I expected to see some really good defense. And we definitely got that. (From both.)

2019 MC at Vance-08209.jpg

I also expected to see some great football. Unfortunately we didn’t see much of that. I don’t have the numbers in front of me but I believe that both teams combined to rack up almost 30 penalties. The first quarter had so many penalties and game stoppages that it took nearly one hour to reach the second quarter. My goodness. The penalties definitely killed the flow of the entire game. I am surprised that no one was penalized during half-time. When it was all said and done, Mallard Creek proved once again they are a true second half team, as they outlasted rival Vance taking the win 17-7. Mallard Creek’s defense also kept Vance from scoring any offensive points.

2019 MC at Vance-08304.jpg

The Vance offense had many explosive plays and several long drives that could (and should ) have ended up with points. One huge Vance mistake was a 4th and inches play deep in MC territory when the ball was snapped over the Vance QB’s head. Vance had been gashing the MC defense with their ground game on several drives in the first half and that mistake was critical.

2019 MC at Vance-08746.jpg

But regardless, this game will go down as a defensive shut out for the Mallard Creek defensive unit. The Vance defense came in with a great deal of hype. Based on Mallard Creek head coach Mike Palmieri’s comments after the game, maybe he was aware of that hype too.

2019 MC at Vance-08464.jpg

Palmieri spoke to reporters after the win and said “ we play defense too.” While there is no doubt Palmieri is correct, Vance has a great defense. If you hold Mallard Creek to 3 points for over two and half quarters of play, you are doing something right. Especially when your offense is giving you very little to feed on. Vance’s only score came off of a deflected pass that Vance’s #5 Stefon Thompson snagged out of the air and returned for the TD. Mallard Creek scored the game’s first offensive touchdown in the 3rd quarter. The Creek scored on a nice pass by MC QB #11 Dustin Noller to #13 Elijiah Metcalf. After swapping turnovers on the Vance side of the field early in the 4th, Mallard Creek’s #22 Trenton Simpson pulled in a nice one handed catch down the sideline, to put MC in position to score. Simpson took a big hit on the play that resulted in a flying somersault that put the ball on the 1 yd line.

2019 MC at Vance-08696.jpg

A short TD run a play later by Simpson ultimately put the game out of reach for Vance. The game wrapped up just before 10PM. Mallard Creek moves to 4-0-1 , and will play LKN next week at home. Vance now 3-1 will host Hopewell next week.

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