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Mallard Creek Impressive On National Stage

Mallard Creek’s J’Trell Washington

Mallard Creek’s J’Trell Washington

Mallard Creek vs. Dutch Fork was a much anticipated match up of two powerhouse programs. The game was televised nationwide on ESPN2 and did not disappoint. Below are observations and a full game report from Matt Morrow. Photo-journalist, Michael McArver covered the game from the sidelines for CFI and got some GREAT pictures of the action. A link to the full gallery of images is below.


  • Watching on the ESPN broadcast, it gives a great perspective of how these teams were strategically going against each other. This was HIGH level football at its best between two great coaching staffs. Loved it.

  • Dutch Fork realized the Mavericks were trying not to allow the big plays down the field and started taking shorter chunks in the passing game, especially in the 2nd half.

  • The Silver Foxes WR Hyatt was definitely worth all the hype, he will be a great player on the next level for sure. Mavericks had very good coverage on him but still made plays.

  • Trenton Simpson and the Mallard Creek run game will be even more dangerous with the bigger pass threat in the offense. It’s going to be hard for defenses to pick their poison, and when Quasean Holmes gets back from being injured, it will be even tougher.

  • Speaking of the passing game, QB Dustin Noller made an impressive debut and picked up where he left off in the summer 7 on 7’s in terms of accuracy, decision making, and being a good leader of the offense.

  • Quentin Williams was a wrecking ball on that defensive line last night, excited to see how his career progresses down at Miami the next few years.

  • The Mallard Creek OL was definitely wearing down Dutch Fork in the run game, when I saw Tommy Knotts take a timeout on defense just to give his guys a breather, that’s a huge compliment right there. Great work from the big boys.

  • Another nod to the Mallard Creek OC Robert Hellams who I thought was really doing a great job of keeping Dutch Fork off balance - that power backfield I’m sure hasn’t been seen on film and it really was effective, excellent stuff.

  • J’Trell Washington once again showed how ludicrous it is that he only has one collegiate scholarship offer. College coaches, this kid can flat out play, pull the trigger!

  • It’s a shame that the weather didn’t allow us a great finish, but it’s evident based on what we all saw these two have to be state title favorites in both of their classifications right now. For Week 1 football, the execution level was off the charts and the talent showed well!

Feature images from Michael McArver are below. Full Gallery is here:

Thanks to both teams for some great football to kick off the season!