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Summer Football 2019: Berry Cardinals

As we arrived to Berry on a rainy day, the Cardinals were in midseason form, out on the practice field going over some basics in preparation for their first 7 on 7 of the summer coming up later this week. Coach Andrew Howard, a long time coach with Berry, is excited about this team this upcoming season for a couple of different reasons.

Stability is one reason - he has a returning senior QB, and two talented senior WR’s to help run the Cardinals traditional pass first offense. Also, after a slew of coaching changes this offseason, Howard finds himself as the longest tenured head coach in the South Meck 7 conference, something that is just incredible to believe.

The Cardinals will have a new playing surface on their home field this upcoming season, something Howard is grateful to finally receive - in talking with Howard, it took a very detailed effort over several years to get this much needed upgrade for their facilities, and it involved the efforts of multiple people in their booster club and parents of athletes past and present at the school to present their case.

Please enjoy the below interviews with QB Jaden Wallace, WR Renaldo McKinney, and WR Nathan Strother - we will have pictures of the Berry players soon as they will particpate in several 7 on 7’s over the summer that CFI will be covering. Thanks to Coach Howard and his players for their hospitality!