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Summer Football 2019: Garinger Wildcats

Garinger Head Football Coach Jeff Caldwell observes his defense at practice this evening

Garinger Head Football Coach Jeff Caldwell observes his defense at practice this evening

When Garinger Head Football Coach Jeff Caldwell was leading the West Meck Hawks deep in the playoffs a few short years ago, a lot of people felt like that was his best coaching job in his career. But as the Garinger Wildcats have shown steady improvement over the past couple of years, I’d say what he is doing on the eastside of Charlotte is a bit of an unsung story.

Garinger ended their losing streak two years ago, and last year improved on that to the point where the playoffs were no longer a far-fetched dream for this program. As a matter of fact, Coach Caldwell did share with me that the playoffs this season are a realistic goal for this team this year, and then they want to do something when they get there.

The Wildcats do have some talent on this squad - LB/TE Chris Bailey was an all-conference player last season, and he has grown tremendously as a leader and in the weight room and has been impressing at college camps this summer per Caldwell. They have some other players as well that are not household names right now, but they have the physical traits and a real desire to make a name for themselves at a place that many believe that could have never been done as recently as two years ago.

Please enjoy these pictures from our time at Garinger earlier today, and click on the link below to see ALL pictures from this practice:

Also please enjoy our interviews below with Head Coach Jeff Caldwell, and some players that should stand out on the field this year for the Wildcats. We want to say thank you to Coach Caldwell, his assistant coaches, Coach Caldwe'll’s Mom - (a very nice lady!) and the players for the hospitality they showed to us today in covering them!