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Summer Football 2019: Hopewell Titans

The Hopewell Titans are a hard working group of young men who have taken their share of lumps in the state’s toughest football conference in the I-Meck. However, this year you have seen their improvement through hard work in the weight room and their performance in preseason 7 on 7 scrimmages, which is a reflection of their leadership on their coaching staff overall.

Head Coach Jamelle Byrd is very high on his 2021 class, who will be juniors this season. There appears to be a ton of talent in that group, and Byrd feels they can take a step this season to being a respectable football team on the gridiron. The Titans do have some college prospects as well, notably WR Julian Gray who is a blazing fast prospect and holds a couple of offers from ACC schools currently because of that special talent.

Please enjoy our interviews with the Titans below, and as always Hopewell is one of our favorite places to visit because of the great kids, the welcoming coaches, and the hard work that permeates the atmosphere of this program!

WR Julian Gray - Hopewell Titans
DL Vy'Shonn Lawrence - Hopewell Titans
QB AJ Simpkins - Hopewell Titans
SS Trevant Richardson - Hopewell Titans
FS Frederick Bates - Hopewell Titans
S Jabari Brown - Hopewell Titans
DE Chase Lawson - Hopewell Titans
LB Christopher Williams - Hopewell Titans
TE Matt Flanders - Hopewell Titans