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Summer Football 2019: Lake Norman Wildcats

Head Coach Jonathan Oliphant addresses his team after practice

Head Coach Jonathan Oliphant addresses his team after practice

The Lake Norman Wildcats have had a tremendous offseason - Head Coach Jonathan Oliphant has motivated his team through a number of unique ideas - most notably the “Breakfast Club” where he had over 60 players buy in for morning workouts 2 hours before school started. It’s very evident that spending about an hour around this team that they are a very close-knit family and hard working bunch.

The Wildcats had the best JV team in the IMECK conference last season, and a number of those players will be moving up to varsity this season - Coach Oliphant stated that he will be young, particularly on defense where between 9-11 juniors could see significant playing time, however he loves how this group competes and fights together at all times.

Please enjoy these interviews from the Wildcats, and we will see them on the field very soon! Thanks once again to Coach Oliphant and all of his players for their hospitality in allowing us to cover them!