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Summer Football 2019: Richmond County Raiders

Richmond County Head Football Coach Bryan Till speaks with his team after practice

Richmond County Head Football Coach Bryan Till speaks with his team after practice

On a sunny and warm morning, coming off of a 2nd place finish in a very competitive 7 on 7 tournament last week, Raiders Head Coach Bryan Till was not giving his defense a chance to rest on their laurels. During their team period, Coach Till stressed the importance of being able to get off the field on 3rd and 4th downs, and stressed conditioning to his players. Multiple times he made reference to those things being the difference in winning and losing, and used last week’s tournament as a perfect example.

The message definitely sunk in, as I was very impressed with the hustle, drive, and focus of that unit I observed during that session. The Raiders have some very good talent all across their team - they definitely have the biggest offensive line I have seen in all of my stops thus far, and that’s something that they hope will carry them very far in the state playoffs once again.

The Raiders are always on the borderline of going East or West in the State Playoffs, but either way they go in my honest opinion this year, they will be a formidable bunch and a tough out once again. I want to say thank you to Assistant Coach Chris Campolieta for reaching out and inviting us to visit, Head Coach Bryan Till for his conversation and hospitality, and to all the players and coaches for their warm welcome and access.

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