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Summer Football 2019: South Mecklenburg Sabres

The South Mecklenburg Sabres are led by new Head Coach Joe Evans, who had successful stints as HC at Independence and Ardrey Kell, and most recently was an assistant coach at Myers Park High School, another successful program in Charlotte. Evans is known for his high energy and connecting well with his players, and that was very evident in our visit while the Sabres were working in the weight room.

South Meck is in a conference, the So Meck 7, where there has been a lot of turnover in terms of head coaches - because of that, they have as good of a shot as anyone to make a jump to the playoffs this season. They have some very good leadership, and they have been working hard in the offseason to try and turn the fortunes around for this upcoming season.

We have a few pictures from our visit, please enjoy them here and for ALL pictures, please click the link below: