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Summer Football 2019: Vance Cougars

New Vance Head Coach Glenwood Ferebee speaks with his team at the end of practice

New Vance Head Coach Glenwood Ferebee speaks with his team at the end of practice

In watching about 20 minutes of the Vance Cougars practice, I am convinced that their two point loss last year in the State Championship game is some intense fuel for this upcoming season. This team is absolutely loaded with naturally talented athletes at the skill positions, and you will hear some new names for sure this upcoming season that will make plays for this team.

New Head Coach Glenwood Ferebee brings an impressive resume’ with him from Indian River HS in Virginia, and already commands the respect of his team early in his tenure. He inherits a defense that can really make plays at all three levels, and is led by returning North Carolina Defensive Player Of The Year Power Echols, who has added weight and speed to his frame and ability, and is an absolute throwback of a player on the field, which you will hear about in his interview below.

Offensively you can expect to see some different things from Vance than you have in the past under previous head coach Aaron Brand - you will probably see some more spread concepts and formations, however the main element of this team remains for sure - a hungry work ethic, an attitude of hard work, focus, and an emphasis on great defense and an opportunistic offense. Long story short, these Vance Cougars are a state championship contender once again.

Please enjoy our interviews with Coach Ferebee, Power Echols, and Marqui Lowery Jr. below. Also enjoy a few select pictures from our visit right here.

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