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Rams Give Vikings Their First Win

The Harding Rams lost to the North Meck Vikings, last Friday night. The score was 24-15. The Rams are now 3-2, the Vikings 1-3. 

It was a big night for North Meck star, Songa Yates who, during the second half opening kickoff, ran the ball all the way back for the touchdown that put them up 14-7. They never looked back. Yates was also responsible for a pick six towards the end of the third quarter that all but shut the door on Harding’s hopes to win the game.

Per usual, Dekerius Thompson and Maleik Faust did all they could to rally a win for their team. Even senior, Jarrett Robinson managed a two-point conversion to try and cut the deficit. It might have been too little too late though as Van Smith and the Rams simply ran out of time.

Not sure what more the Rams could have done in that situation but as it’s been eluded to throughout this football season so far, players can’t see an 0-3 record and get comfortable, especially when teams have multiple guys playing on both sides of the ball. As the Rams roll into conference play on Friday, this will be their first matchup against Olympic and they would be wise to get off to a fast start. Set the precedent for how to move forward throughout the game. 

Both teams are 3-2 heading into this matchup and though the Trojans beat North Meck doesn’t mean that the Rams should let them roll on them. 

North Meck faces Mooresville. Both games kickoff at 7 p.m.