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Week 4 Game Of The Week Player Focus

Independence QB Arnold Taylor vs. Ardrey Kell ATH Jared Joseph


Independence Junior QB Arnold Taylor is one of the better quarterbacks in the Charlotte Metro Area that you may not have heard much about. Taylor stands at 6 feet tall and displays a strong arm to throw the multiple routes required in the Independence offense. The other important thing is Taylor is an intelligent player, having to make multiple reads and diagnose defense pre and post snap while having good timing and rapport with his multiple threats at wide receiver - Shai Wheeler, Brian Morgan, and Trevor Bryan who are talented in their own right.

Jared Joseph is the Ardrey Kell Senior QB who is a true dual threat at the position. He can make throws to keep drives moving and deliver the ball in space to their multiple playmakers like Cedric Gray and Michael Hetzel, yet he is a real threat to break a big play at any time off of the quarterback run game. Joseph also plays defense and had a big interception in a recent game, and it takes a special talent to be a QB on offense AND on defense AND a gamebreaker on both sides of the ball as well!